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Helium Blimps - Effective Advertising

Advertising blimps are the way to launch your Big Event. If you need an Instant Promotion try our advertising blimps!
Our helium blimps come in a wide assortment of standard colors and we can match most PMS colors for logos and artwork. Look at these examples and imagine what your blimp will look like.

Our most popular size advertising blimp is our fourteen feet long model. It will take about 30mph wind and attract attention for miles around. We make all our advertising blimps from made in the USA polyurethane. Polyurethane was developed for NASA and is stronger, lighter and retains helium much better than pvc. The pvc blimps barely fly because they are so heavy and the fins are not aerodynamic. Don't buy a pvc advertising blimp.

We are not the only ones that sell polyurethane blimps. We would love you to purchase your blimp from us but if you don't please purchase a polyurethane blimp not a pvc blimp. PVC also contains volatile organics and is being phased out for environmental reasons.

Our advertising blimps fly better, stay brighter and use less helium than any comparable size blimp.
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COLORS! COLORS! COLORS! We have many brilliant advertising blimp colors available at no additional charge. We can digitally print your artwork or logo on the blimp or balloon. Our advertising blimp material is TOUGH! It is 3.5 mil thin and made out of polyurethane. If you were given a one foot square piece of our material you couldn't pull it apart. Our advertising blimps have one tenth the leakage of a pvc blimp and is much lighter so it flys much better. If you're going to purchase an advertising blimp please let us send you a sample of our material. Our advertising blimps are easy to fill, and have a simple plug you pull to open and push to close. You will save money every time you fill your blimp. The material we use is light weight yet much stronger than pvc and you will use much less helium.
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