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Advertising Balloons and Custom Balloons for Less!

Need an advertising balloon? Our giant 6' and larger advertising balloons are inexpensive and very effective.
Artwork and lettering on your advertising balloon will make it work for you. A plain ballon will grab someone's attention but an advertising balloon with artwork will give them your message.
Our most popular size advertising balloon is our 7ft. in diameter ball for USD$269.00. Lettering is additional. Please call or email us for an exact quote on your custom advertising balloon.
Our balloons are made out of the best material available for helium advertising balloons. It's light, strong, has the best color and sheen rententive properties and holds helium better than any comparable product.
Advertising Balloons = Sales!

Advertising balloons is a generic term for many types of products that include: helium balloons and helium inflatables, cold-air balloons and inflatables and sealed-air balloons and inflatables.
Let us help in your decision for what type of advertising balloon would be appropriate for the job you need it to fulfill.
7' helium advertising balloonLarge 7 ft. yellow advertising balloons with smilie face multi color advertising balloonsmulti color advertising balloons 7' custom artwork balloon, $533 big balloons
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Advertising Balloons - Why use Balloons?

Advertising balloons are your perfect choice if you are looking for effective and affordable tools for outdoor promotion campaigns. Want to put your business on the fast track and attract customers? You need creative and pocket friendly ways to reach your target. Trust advertising inflatables or our giant advertising balloons to do the job.

Use American Blimps to project your brand/product to the masses through our most creative range of advertising inflatable products like advertising balloons and advertising blimps. Choose from a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes that we offer with your company/brand/product logo strikingly printed across it! All the products are made in USA and last long to give you value for money.

"Striking" is the word that best describes the impact of our advertising inflatables. Your business is bound to flourish with the enormous long lasting impact that our bright, colorful advertising balloons will make on your customer's mind! You can buy these advertising balloons at a very cheap price from us so that you don't have to spend a fortune in promoting your brand/product! We are providing you with an extremely cost-effective alternative in brand/product promotion! We have a variety of advertising balloons keeping in mind the type of brand/product you want to promote!

You can put up your advertising balloons high up on the roofs of many buildings, in your parking lot or anywhere that will create visibility!

When your balloon goes up your sales figures shoot up like a rocket! With our advertising blimps you are sure to hit an all time high in your business!
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